I wrote a thing on Medium: You can read it over there, if you care about Binary. Medium, as far as I can tell, is oriented around prose that is medium length. It has a simple editor for “Everyone’s stories and ideas” and I…

Eating Dinner

Now that I’m not on facebook any more, I find I have a need to say things like what I had for dinner and how awesome it was, but I don’t have any obvious place to do so.

Local bison burgers, courtesy of our friends over at Bear’s Honeypot. Citrus basil pesto, courtesy of the garden. Scamorza affumatica, courtesy of the cow. Fresh rolls, courtesy of Lina.

SO YUMMY! Was that less than 140 characters?

Sunday Morning Music Archives

David Petty has added a new page in celebration of a year of podcasts: Archives of Sunday Morning Music. The podcast has grown and changed over the year, and it’s fun to listen to the archives and hear the evolution. Another time, I’ll post my top…

How To Find Me

I recently stopped using Facebook and LinkedIn. I love the Internet, but lately those two places in particular had started to feel like the walled gardens of the eighties and nineties (e.g. AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy), and I don’t like that feeling. I started college in…

Farm Haiku

A broom on the porch,
Leaning against the front door,
Wabi sabi style.

Live From Maryland… It’s SUNDAY MORNING

David Petty recorded Sunday Morning Music at Right Field Farm this week, and it’s one of my favorite ever: Get it while it’s hot, because Sunday Morning Music is winding down soon. Wonder if he’ll replace it with Saturday Night Music?


I asked a question on Math Overflow yesterday that didn’t get a very good response. Basically: it’s a dumb question, please ask a better one or ask it somewhere else. It was a good point, and I hope I can do better. I’m going to…

Chicken Master

“My master,” he began, but she interrupted him. “I am not your master.” “Yes, master.” “Now go and put the chickens into their coop for the night.” “But master, the chickens are wild and stupid.” “Then you will learn a valuable lesson about mastery of…

That Thing Mathematicians Do

The thing the mathematicians do that I like, is to often begin with an exercise that lacks any semantic content. For instance, if I define a family, I define them as A, B, and C instead of Jimmy, Jane, and Babs. Lacks semantic content is…


Carrying on with the previous post, but narrowing it down to a very simple use case, I am imagining a function that takes 1 or 0 as its input. Except this function isn’t. Isn’t a function. It isn’t a function because instead of each input…